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Haomei produces aluminium tanker plates and coils of 5083, 5454, 5182, 5059, 5754, 3003 etc. Main tempers include O, H111, H32, H116 and H321. Thickness ranges from 4.0mm to 12.0mm, width 1000mm to 3500mm, and length 2000mm to 27000mm. For aluminum tanker coils the sizes are respectively 3.0-12.0mm and 1000-2650mm. Our annual productivity is 50,000 metric tons. The sheets and rolls are featured by strict tolerances, excellent corrosion resistance, easy formability, easy solderability, high surface quality and variable cutting shape.

3003- H16, 5052-H32

Wide roof coil

Width up to 2630mm

5083 – O, H111

body, gas tank

Gauge 3–10mm, width up to 2600mm

5454 – O, H111, H32

Tanker body,

Gauge 3-10mm, width up to 2600mm

5182 – O, H111, H32

Body, gas tank

Gauge 3-10mm, width up to 2600mm

aluminum tanker.jpg


The Haomei casting production line produces 3 series, 5 series and 6 series alloy slabs with a thickness of 620mm and a width of 1320-2650mm. Using melt multi-stage combined purification technology, the purity of the melt can reach aviation level. It provides ingot casting guarantee for the production of high-quality aluminum alloy tanker plates.

Haomei aluminium tanker plate workshop 1.jpg

Haomei has advanced 1+5 hot rolling mills and thick plate production lines. It can produce high-quality thick aluminum plates with a thickness of 3.0-305mm, a width of 1000-3800mm, and a length of 2000-27000mm, and aluminum coils with a thickness of 2.0-16mm and a width of 2650mm.

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Technical force

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