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Aluminium plate for tankers bulkhead

Haomei aluminium plate for tankers bulkhead includes alloys of 5083, 5454, 5182 and 5059. A bulkhead, also called a wash board or a baffle, plays a critical role in a running tanker, especially liquid tanker like fuel tankers, oil tanker, water tankers and chemical tankers. Such aluminium tankers are usually equipped more than one aluminium bulkheads to reduce the fluctuation and impact of the liquid inside the tank and improve the driving stability of the tanker. The thickness of an aluminium plate for tankers wash board should be no less than that of a tanker body.

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Advantages of aluminium plate for tankers bulkhead

1. The 5 series aluminum plates have the characteristics of high strength and high elongation. The wash boards made of 5000-O aluminium sheet for tankers baffle has better ductility and can resist the impact of shocks from sudden braking, ensuring transportation safety.

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2. Thick magnesium-aluminum alloys have higher strength and great load-bearing capacity. The wave breaker is the strengthening part of the tank, and its single effective area accounts for 70% of the cross-sectional area of the tank. The aluminum alloy bulkhead not only plays a role of anti-impact, but also can share the stress during transportation.

3. The aluminium plate for tankers wash board itself has the ability to conduct electricity, and aluminum bulkheads can resolve the static electricity generated by the impact of liquid or the collision of the external force on the tank.

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