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Aluminum plate for tanker body

The 5 series aluminum plate for tanker body has the characteristics of high strength and high elongation, so it can be formed at one time in the process of producing the tank body. Commonly used aluminum alloys for tanker bodies are 5083, 5454, 5182, 5059 and so on. The 5 series aluminium tanks have higher strength and better ductility, which can effectively help resist the internal and external impact forces encountered by the tank truck during normal driving, and ensure that the solution (water, oil, fuel, chemicals) or solid materials (cement, ash, powder materials etc.) is safe. In extreme cases, even if a tank truck rolls over, the aluminum tank body will not crack, so as to avoid vehicle explosion accidents caused by oil leakage and ensure the safety of the driver and the goods being transported.

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Tanker body

Why Choose Us

workshop of Haomei aluminum plate for tanker body.jpg1. A tanker body material must be of top quality in either surface or mechanical properties. The 5083, 5052 and 5454 tanker aluminum plates produced by Haomei Aluminum are strong, flat and tensile, and will never crack during the bending process.

2. The aluminium tanker plate produced by Haomei has good ductility and strong peeling resistance. It avoids the phenomenon of sealing and feeding and the spinning bending and cracking of the built-in wave plate, and the use time is also greatly extended.

3. The surface color of Haomei aluminum plate for tanker body is bright and uniform, without any black spots, which ensures the uniform color of the tank car. There will be no unevenness or chromatic aberration in the later painting process of the tank.


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