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Aluminium plate for tankers cylinder head

The aluminum alloy cylinder head needs to resist the impact of oil on both sides of the tank body (namely the head) during the transportation, so the aluminium plate for tankers cylinder is 1mm thicker than the aluminum plate for tanker body. In other words, if the tanker body is 6mm thick, the cylinder should be 7mm. Haomei has developed a series of tanker aluminium plates with specifications as below.

aluminium cylinder heads for tankers.jpg













Cylinder head

To make the cylinder head, the aluminum plate needs to be cut by a cutting machine, and then the head is welded to the cylinder, and finally the shape is shaped by a bulging machine. Therefore, an aluminium plate for tankers cylinder must be easy to cut and weld, and it should be of excellent tensile strength. Haomei aluminum tank plates are light in weight and hard in strength. Aluminum alloy tank cars are more than 4 tons lighter than similar steel tank cars and can be loaded with 20% more materials.

Haomei workshop for tanker cylinder aluminium sheets.png

Why Choose Us

1. Patented technology. In developing the aluminium plate for tankers cylinder, Haomei has been trying to get its technological advantages into full play, and combine our R&D institutions and the actual operation of the first-line production workshop to achieve technological breakthroughs in a short period of time. Up to now, it has become an industry leader at home.

2. Complete product series. Haomei has 5083, 5454, 5182, 5059 and 6061 available for tanker plates. Each can be of super width of 3800mm.

3. Raw materials in stock. Haomei has its own ware houses to store common raw materials like aluminium ingots and rolling chemicals. This enables us to produce aluminium tanker plates in time.

4. Sufficient material stock helps us to follow lead time strictly.

5. Advanced technology and equipment guarantees top quality of our tanker plates.


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